Our Mission


The foundation of SPACE 25 Automotive is high quality, convenient, and comprehensive automotive care. Because of that, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction in regards to quality, friendliness, and turnaround time. No matter the job, we will have your vehicle operating at the highest standard when it is returned to you. We value our relationships with our customers, and we aim to finish each assignment as fast as possible so we can get our customers back on the road.


Your Dealer Alternative..

We are proud to be the leader in automotive repair and luxury service in our community, committed to providing our customers with a wide range of quick and reliable services at an affordable price. To ensure dealer quality service, SPACE25 is equipped with factory diagnostic equipment to allow us to correct your vehicle’s performance and repair issues quickly and accurately.  For the finest in automotive repair and services contact Team SPACE25.

Your People…

Today’s automobiles are a major investment. Protect yours by making sure only highly-qualified people are entrusted with its care. We hire only the highest quality foreign car specialists. On average, our factory-trained technicians have 15 years of import car dealership experience, at SPACE25 a customer’s vehicle receives quality service, the product of a true craftsman, combining the latest and best repair techniques and tools to properly restore your car to manufacturer’s specifications.

What We Do…

We are happy to work on any make and model, but our true love and expertise lies in imported vehicles equipped with German-made systems, these include Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche… Our services include:

A.K.A. , if you’re having a problem with your car, we can fix it…

Specialty Services

When Others Can’t, We Can.

ECU Automotive Components
Advanced technology means advanced automobiles, which can unfortunately mean advanced problems. Allow us to explain… In most cases, car models made within the past twenty-five years are designed with an engine management system, centered around the Electronic Control Unit, or ECU. This technology consists of computers that control major components in the vehicle, such as the security system (anti-theft management), key fobs, the ignition switch, as well as other program components. These computer programs allow the vehicle to be fully functional. However, when these components are impaired, it can create a lot of problems, like a car that won’t start… That’s where we come in.

While in Spain, our President and Master Mechanic Sergio, studied the engineering behind automotive computer programming. When you see a mechanic about repairing a malfunctioning automotive electrical component, they’ll most likely refer you to a dealership, or have to buy a new part to program it for your car. This is because they were engineered to be replaced, not repaired. Unfortunately, replacing is expensive ($$$$). At Space25 we offer the ability to program/repair your existing car computer component or the computer of another same model vehicle and use it for your vehicle. This option saves our clients money. We know this may sound complicated, but we are experts at this! Give us a call if you have any questions.

We also offer our ECU repair services to other automotive facilities. If you’re a shop owner with a client in need of these types of services, we’d love to help.





We are SPACE25, and we are a passionate group of car enthusiasts.

This passion for automotive care comes from two perspectives. First off, we live and breathe cars. At SPACE25, fixing and caring for automobiles is not just a job, it’s an art. And second, we understand that cars are not only cars, but vehicles for so much more. They are parents picking their kids up from school on time; they are getting to work on a daily basis, or getting to that job interview; they’re racing buds around a track; they are so much more. We have the satisfaction of watching people drive off our lot confident in their vehicle.

Our History and Experience…

SPACE25 is professional automotive care
you can rely on.

We are a company that is dedicated to the complete maintenance of vehicles, including diagnostic, electrical problems, computer programming, and more.

Our roots began in Taberno, Spain

With the opening of an automotive repair facility in 2006. After relocating to the United States, we opened our first stateside location in Rialto, CA and have been exceeding expectations ever since. Our success is due to our highly experienced technicians, who offer comprehensive expertise on all types of vehicles, both foreign and domestic.

At SPACE25 we value trust, honesty, and integrity.

Because we believe that trust is strengthened by relationships, we aim to build relationships with each customer. We are well-aware of the stigma attached to the automobile and auto body industry, which is why we promise to be honest with our customers concerning what their vehicle actually needs and what it will cost to complete the service. We operate with the utmost integrity because we believe in good, quality, and honest work.

Do you drive a race car?

Because we can help you with that! We also do custom work on regular and high performance cars, such as engine modifications, engine tuning, transmission and engine swap… You name it!


Our partners that make Space25 possible.

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Our team is not only highly experienced in the auto industry, they are extremely passionate about it.

If they’re not working to make your car perfect in the shop, they are working on their own personal auto projects, off-roading, or pursuing dreams of being a professional driver! Check the short bios of the people that make up SPACE25 below.

  • Sergio
    Sergio Gonzalez
    | President
    Sergio is changing the approach to automotive care.
    Born and raised in Spain, he developed a passion for auto engineering and mechanics, specifically European cars. Growing up, Sergio spent much of his time studying electronics, which has resulted in his vast knowledge and understanding of complex modern car electronics and programming. In the summer of 2000, he completed a three-year automotive repair apprenticeship of European vehicles. Ever since, he’s been making a living tending for automobiles, which led to a huge decision. In the Spring of 2013, Sergio relocated to the United States to make a name for himself here. He continually provides customers with expertise. Outside of caring for automotives, he is also known for his experience manufacturing and building off-road rally and race cars. In fact, Sergio has built his own rally car and has participated in many off-road rally competitions, spanning from Spain to Africa, including some competitions in the Sahara Desert. He truly is a person who thrives in extreme conditions. His passion for the motor world moves him forward, and that is visible in his love for his job.
  • Jenny
    Jennifer Moreno
    | Shop Manager
    SPACE25’s shop manager, Jennifer, was born and raised in Spain, which is where her fascination and love for European makes and models was harbored.
    Like Sergio and the rest of the team, Jennifer is obsessed with cars and the automobile industry. In 2008, she obtained her degree in management and accounting, so she has a good understanding of numbers, competitive and fair pricing, and administration. She first got into the industry because of an internship with Mercedes-Benz, and she’s been in love with cars ever since. When Jennifer is out of the shop, you will most likely find her reading or exploring nature somewhere. She loves to camp and go off-roading in 4×4’s. So, if you’re looking for the best local spots to off-road, ask Jennifer!
  • Ruben
    Ruben Conchas
    | Shop Foreman
    Ruben, the Automotive Diagnosis Technician, lives and breathes automotive.
    After having received his training from UTI (Universal Technical Institute) in Rancho Cucamonga from June 2012 to December 2013, he decided to take the Mercedes Benz Elite program to open up different doors in the automotive industry. Ruben first started working for SPACE25 back when they were ECElite Automotive, three months after opening their doors. Since he’s been working with Sergio, he has gained a vast knowledge, specifically in the European makes and models. While he specializes in Mercedes-Benz, he also excels with BMW, AUDI, VW and several more manufacturers. When he’s not working at SPACE25, he still loves to work on cars. That’s his passion. During his days off, you’ll find Ruben working on cars to learn more outside of the shop. Currently, he’s working on his 1997 BMW 318is and 2009 BMW 135i. Oh, and he dreams of driving semi-professionally one day. So when we said Ruben lives and breathes automotive, we weren’t kidding… Say hi to Ruben while you’re visiting the shop!
  • Vicente
    Vicente Rodriguez
    | General Mechanic
    Vicente, SPACE25’s ardent general mechanic, is responsible for making broken vehicles serve their original purpose.
    And having been working in the automotive repair industry for ten years, we’d say he does a stand up job. In addition to bringing a great deal of experience to our team, he is one of the most loyal and hard-working team members we’ve had the pleasure of working with. When he’s not working at SPACE25, you’ll most likely find him spending time with his family or working on his own cars (would you expect anything else from a SPACE25 member?). He’s also a foodie.


We believe you’re never too experienced to learn or improve things. 

That’s why we like to keep ourselves busy with our own projects. We’re currently modifying a 1969 BMW 2002, and our goal is to restore the exterior, while updating the interior. Older, retro models look unlike anything being made today, and a classic car will always turn heads for miles. However, with advances in automotive technology we can make those classics run like today’s new cars by equipping them with modern drivetrains, suspension… you name it. If you’re interested in getting involved with our BMW project or have any inquiries for future projects, let us know! And if you know anyone who’s passionate about owning a 1969 BMW 2002… drop us a line!

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